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The exhibition design takes the concept of a relaxing, close to nature experience and dedicates the entire space to the visitor.

Stressful lives are put under a microscope only with the purpose of expressing the high value of a peacefully and healthy life - physically and mentally.

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exhibition design farmaceutical company stand exhibition design farmaceutical company stand exhibition design farmaceutical company stand exhibition design farmaceutical company stand

Exhibition design history

Exhibit design (or exhibition design) is the process of developing an exhibit—from a concept through to a physical, three-dimensional exhibition. It is a continually evolving field, drawing on innovative, creative and practical solutions to the challenge of developing communicative environments that ‘tell a story’ in a three-dimensional space.

Exhibit design is a collaborative process, integrating the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, audiovisual engineering, digital media, lighting, interior design and content development to develop an audience experience that interprets information, involves and engages a user and influences their understanding of a subject.

One of the major shifts in museum and exhibit design in the last decade has been a focus on visitor experience. The trend towards improving visitor experience is about to take a leap forward as we are entering a new era in museum design as the technologies for immersive, interactive experiences become more sophisticated and widespread.

Even if it depends on the culture and the interpretation of the meaning of “exhibition design”, it is possible to notice that it has moved towards increased democratization.

Cabinets of curiosities
XVIIth century: as people began to privately display and classify objects from all areas of the world that were considered to be exotic, frequently composed as immersive environments.

Lots of our actual museums are tacking place in royal palaces and historical houses, because of their strong meaning in history.

Church museums
Lots of paintings, artifacts, mosaics, religious icons are disposed into churches across Europe.

Based on the inheritance of the cabinets of curiosities, it was the step further to display everything which can be exotic. Later on, some Pavillion have beginning to be sponsored by the governments, to “deliver stories and iconography, not just for the display of precious objects. In this way, World’s Fairs were precursors to themed entertainment parks and museums of science and industry.”

Retail department stores
This is a kind of transgression from the site of culture to the public and common spaces. Some big brands began to display their main objects in a specific way, not in the goal to sell them, but more in order to show the strength of their brand, and their longevity in the time. So on a marketing point of view, lots of institutions are looking for a good exhibition design to promote themselves.

3D modeling

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object via specialized software.

Here are 6 industries that use 3D modeling software: Entertainment, Gaming, Architecture, Publishing, Advertising and Marketing, Geology and Science.

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