Who - Packaging design studio
CreativeByDefinition brand is the vision of our founder - packaging designer & retail architect with more than 8 years’ experience and a background in architecture and design, trained to look for an original perspective, making each brand stand out from the crowd. The creative mind and growing desire to innovate translate visions into achievements. Every brand has to tell its own story, to be original.

How - Study & hard work
Bachelor & Master Degree in Architecture & Design, University of Architecture (Romania)
Retail Design Course, Elisava - Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (Spain)
Packaging Design Course, Sessions College for Professional Design (U.S.A)

Why - Creativity & market value
We treasure creativity and innovation and assist clients into transforming these characteristics into market value. A unique packaging approach has a powerful advantage in drawing consumer’s attention and drive sales. Combining art enthusiasm with business knowledge!

What’s unique - 3D special shapes & handmade illustrations
Using strong artistic & architectural approach, high quality 3D modeling knowledge & detailed oriented design skills, our small design studio helps clients visualize their products before they are produced , improving communication between development steps and final results, therefore cutting costs before the packaging ends up on the retail shelf. Working with clients from all over the world, creating unique and meaningful packaging design and branding experiences is what is all about.

Whom - Clients who love their products & agencies who love their clients
For clients that appreciate creative packaging and understand the cost of good design but also the great advantages like building a recognizable brand and sales increase.
For agencies that would like to offer quality design work to their customers and treasure working with an awarded packaging designer.
Food and Beverage industry holds great appeal to consumers that commend exquisite packaging.

CreativeByDefinition Founder & Senior Packaging Designer

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