baby products packaging design

baby products packaging design



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The challenge for this baby products packaging design project was to capture and reflect the delicate & pure nature of a new born baby.

The vision was to create a product that evokes the playful spirit of the water drops that forms after every splash, after every game and every laughter when the little one is “experimenting” his first baths.

On the other hand, the simple, contemporary design of the packaging is using like inspiration an animal that knows to enjoy water in his own way, with his curvy, funny looking body – a hippopotamus.

The bottle is crafted to fuse the creation of a water drop with the wavy curves of the animal in question.

All design elements are breaking the monotony and the packaging ends up communicating its chic, unique, fun & minimalistic essence.

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Beauty & Health packaging design story

From ancient world until today, humans were fascinated by beauthy products. The cosmetic packaging is practical but has an elaborate design.

Egyptian cosmetics are nearly as old as the civilization. Everyone from the very poor to royalty used them to varying degrees and of different quality. Ancient Egyptian women were also adept at perfume artistry.

The ancient Greeks dabbled heavily in perfumes and incense to create an aura of seduction.

The use of skin cream composed of crushed and finally ground pearls was an ancient Chinese beauty ritual.

Packaging is an important part of cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products. Cosmetics packaging is also unusual in that it must also be durable as most products are in use for several weeks or months or, sometimes, years.

Premium products are normally presented in packaging which is invariably more elaborate, using more expensive materials. Companies carry out consumer research to make sure they provide what their customers or potential customers expect from these types of products. Consumers’ views are taken into account at the product design stage. However, manufacturers still try to minimise packaging whilst still meeting the higher level of expectation from their customers.

Beauty & Health packaging must have quality and be attractive enough to encourage people to buy the products.

Baby products packaging design history

At the beginning of 1900's many baby products were launched and made parents life easiers: diapers, cosmetics, powder milk, etc. Packaging used in baby products must keep them safe from contamination, yet allow for easy dispensing. Each component used in baby packaging must pass a series of quality check points during the manufacturing process. The baby packaging design must be funny and practical.

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