cider packaging design

cider packaging design



Handmade illustration & lettering & 3D visuals & customized logo

AWARDS: International Design Awards (IDA) 2017 - Packaging Design - Silver


The entire package and brand image was made with one character in mind – the monarch butterfly caterpillar.

The stylistics, typography and design are all celebrating the developing character of this creature. The cider packaging design is orientated on the duality of the caterpillar – both negative, as a caterpillar, and positive, when transformed into a butterfly, important presence in the orchard.

The letters from the logo are also suggesting this duality – putting accent on the metamorphosis of the caterpillar.

The luxurious embossed logo on the deep blue aluminum simply invites you to enjoy and discover what’s inside. The embossed effect is giving depth and stability to the whole graphical composition.

The can design is addressing the very core of minimalism presenting on the front of the package only this elegant presence - the caterpillar logo.

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Beverage packaging design story

According to historians, packaging came about as a method of preservation in the pre-historic era. The first glass bottles were used approximately 2,000 years ago. The newest packaging developments were tin cans about 150 years ago, and plastic about 75 years ago.

In Ancient Egypt or Roman Empire beer was a common drink. People drank it from large containers through straws (to avoid drinking debris floating in the drink). In the Middle Ages ordinary people often drank ale, other drinks included cider and mead.In the 12th and 13th centuries wine was really appreciated in Europe. In the 17th century new drinks were introduced: rum, gin and champagne.

As the beverage market continues to grow, the need to differentiate a product from its competitors in the market also increases, and one way to achieve this is through various packaging techniques. From wine and spirits, to bottled water, and to juice and sodas, beverage packaging is changing and developing.

Advertising, distribution and pricing are no longer enough to give beverage brands a competitive advantage. To win, brands must use creative package design to strengthen consumer perceptions and convert more purchases at shelf.

Cider packaging design history

Apples have been around for fifty million to sixty-five million years, emerging right around the time dinosaurs went extinct and primates made their first appearance. The first boozy concoction to come from apples was cider. This sweat / sour / bitter drink can have as package both bottles and cans.

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