lemonade packaging design

lemonade packaging design



Handmade illustration & 3D visuals & customized logo

AWARDS: Mobius Awards 2016 - Packaging Design - Spec Work Certificate


The goal of this concept was to provide a strong impact lemonade package with minimal design intervention.

The lemonade packaging design breaks free from the classical labels.

The illustration with its mathematical precision was created to translate and build the story of the lemon quickly becoming lemonade.

The identity of the bottle is evoking its unique soul & personality. It is playful, modern with a hint of classical style.

The concept brings together two very distinctive elements - a lemon and a corset and creates a connection between the title and the beverage.

After that, the story of lemonade packaging quickly writes itself.

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Beverage packaging design story

According to historians, packaging came about as a method of preservation for beverages in the pre-historic era. The first glass bottles were used approximately 2,000 years ago. The newest packaging developments were tin cans about 150 years ago, and plastic about 75 years ago.

In Ancient Egypt or Roman Empire beer was a common drink. People drank it from large containers through straws (to avoid drinking debris floating in the drink). In the Middle Ages ordinary people often drank ale, other drinks included cider and mead. In the 12th and 13th centuries wine was really appreciated in Europe. In the 17th century new drinks were introduced: rum, gin and champagne.

As the beverage market continues to grow, the need to differentiate a product from its competitors in the market also increases, and one way to achieve this is through various packaging techniques. From wine and spirits, to bottled water, and to juice and sodas, beverage packaging is changing and developing.

Advertising, distribution and pricing are no longer enough to give beverage brands a competitive advantage. To win, brands must use creative package design to strengthen consumer perceptions and convert more purchases at shelf.

Lemonade packaging design history

The history and development of iconic soft drink packaging is related to aluminium cans and plastic / glass bottles. Soft drink companies tend to update their look more often than many other industries. It’s a constant battle to entice new customers and keep the brand’s image fresh.

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