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spice packaging design



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The company is selling the most expensive condiment in the world – Saffron. The brand wants to show to the customers the product high value and it’s origin.

The aim of this spice packaging design was to show the product from a new perspective, minimal black and an organic mysterious form.

On this black canvas the strong color of the product is speaking for it self - value, origin and story.

The spice packaging design creates the perfect environment for the product, protecting its value. It is accompanied by a story & recipes.

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Food packaging design story

Food packaging is packaging for food products. A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. It may bear a nutrition facts label and other information about food being offered for sale. Food packaging evolves with the progress of knowledge. Material discoveries, manufacturing developments, and new understandings of science shape the history of food packaging.

The first kind of food packaging came around in the form of wrappers. Wrappers for candies, bread, meat, etc. became extremely popular since their invention in 18th century in Europe. The earliest types of food packaging that existed in the United States were paper, cloth, wooden crates, and glass.

The first metal can was invented in 1809 after General Napoleon Bonaparte made an offer of 12,000 francs for anyone who could invent a method to preserve food for his army. Nicholas Appert, a Frenchman, invented the method of sealing food in tin, airtight cans and sterilizing them through a boiling process. Manufacturers later used tinplate, which is typically steel with a tin coating, to create cans.

From the early 1900’s to the 1960’s, glass dominated the liquids market until metal and plastic became commercially available.

Today, "plastic packaging (both flexible and rigid) continues to lead growth" in the food packaging industry. Reduced packaging and sustainable packaging are becoming more frequent as the world is becoming aware of the environmental issues.

The food packaging market is evolving to become interactive, aware, and intelligent. The industry calls this evolution “smart packaging”. Smart packaging is a conversation between people, brands, and objects and that smart packaging enhances consumers’ experience with products.

Spice packaging design history

Spices and herbs have played a dramatic role in the development of Western civilization, in ancient and medieval times, they were rare and precious products, used for medicine, perfume, incense, and flavoring. Even today spices are special products so packaging design for such goods is most of the time innovative and luxurious.

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